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 The Poor Have No One to Blame But Themselves

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PostSubject: The Poor Have No One to Blame But Themselves   Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:37 pm

I know that was a provocative title, but it wasn't just an attention grabber.... it is correct to a certain extent. It obviously does not apply to every poor person.

Poor people seem to make decisions that keep them poor. It begins early with education. Public education is free, and yet too many people drop out. Not all people who drop out have severe circumstances. Also, having children without an adequate income is financial suicide. Too many poor people do this.

Many poor people do not even realize any of this. They do not even think they are poor. It doesn't take a genius to stop having more and more children when money gets tight, or living circumstances are not good. Yet too many poor people ignore all of these things and bring more and more children into this world, so poverty becomes a never-ending cycle.
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The Poor Have No One to Blame But Themselves
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